Say Hello to Hands-Free Cleaning With Intellibot


No, it’s not a new Autobot designed to clean up mass destruction in the wake of the new Transformers movie. Nor is it the mild-mannered cousin of Dr. Who’s Dalek. Meet Intellibot, a new line of auto-scrubbers and vacuums that allow the operator to quickly switch between manual and Hands-Free Cleaning®. At the push of a button, the operator can walk away to finish other projects while Intellibot cleans the floors… true multi-tasking.

Intellibot may be cute, but don’t let that fool you – this is one powerful and intelligent cleaning machine that can save you time and money.

5 Ways Intellibot Can Simplify Floor Care

Intellibot robots are ideal for customers in education, hospitals and class A buildings with corridors 7 to 60 feet wide.

  1. Hands-Free Cleaning®. An Intellibot machine establishes its floor cleaning parameters for each shift, and then moves from area to area without manual intervention. It’s as simple as prep, point and go, requiring no unique skills or complicated training.
  2. Save Labor. Hands-free machines can reduce labor costs by up to 85% without compromising quality. While Intellibot cleans your floors, staff can work on higher-level projects, dramatically reducing floor care costs. Cleaning quality is predictable and consistent.
  3. Increase Productivity. Intellibot machines deliver twice the results with the same amount of labor. For even greater productivity, one person can operate multiple machines.
  4. Eco-Friendly Operation. Traditional floor cleaners dump more than 100 gallons of wastewater and associated chemicals down the drain over a 4-hour period. Intellibot’s Eco SaveSM is an advanced purification and recycling system that uses 15 gallons of water per 4-hour shift. Less use of water and cleaning solution also means 85% less wastewater down the drain.
  5. Intelli-TrakSM Monitoring. Operational data is saved and compiled into reports that are sent to Intellibot’s servers. Customers log in to access daily, weekly and monthly reports. Intelli-TrakSM remote monitoring helps you keep better track of daily operations with wireless performance reports such as location of the robot, operator identity, running times, specific areas, and dates and total usage since the machine was placed in service.

See Intellibot in Action


Schedule an Intellibot Demo

HP Products is pleased to offer the HydroBot® for hard floor surfaces, and the AeroBot® for carpeted surfaces. To arrange a demo, please contact our equipment manager, Courtney Lewis, at

Need Help Financing Equipment?

HP Products partners with All-Lines Leasing to help our customers finance cleaning and packaging equipment. All-Lines Leasing is a great organization that has financing options to help you get the commercial cleaning equipment you need. To learn more about this financing program, please contact Dale McGinty at


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