Things Are Heating Up – Battle Summer Odors with Bioaugmentation

As the weather heats up, so does Mother Nature’s temper. Moist and warm summer air is the perfect combination for forming thunderstorms. While thunderstorms are unpredictable and unavoidable during the warmer months, the smells that come … [Read more...]

Hydration Motivation: Why It’s Important to Keep Hydrated on the Job

We all know how important it is to stay hydrated, but it can be hard to adjust drinking habits to the heat of summer. It’s easy to underestimate how much you need to drink to replenish lost fluids. For the most physically demanding jobs, … [Read more...]

Save Your Event from Disaster, Choose the Right Food Service Disposables

Imagine this – you've got your food in one hand, drink in another, chatting with a client, when all of a sudden your plate bends in half, sending your food to the ground. There’s nothing to do but watch as it hits the grass and the very … [Read more...]

3 Questions to Answer Before You Begin Gym Floor Care

Soon, most schools will be out for summer. With the buildings free of students, it is the perfect time to refinish your school's gym floors. Gyms have some of the largest, most abused floor space in a building, making maintenance a … [Read more...]

Eliminate Unsightly Bag Overhang and Excess Can Liner Costs

Do you suffer from Unsightly Bag Overhang? If your trash can liners hang more than 4 inches over the rim of your waste receptacles, then you've got a bad case of UBO. Why should you care? Excess overhang is unattractive, but more … [Read more...]