From Rags to Microfiber: 5 Reasons to Make the Transformation

Are you really cleaning or just pushing dirt around? If you’re not using microfiber, chances are you’re just moving dirt particles around and leaving residue behind, left with the illusion the area is clean. With microfiber, clean is not … [Read more...]

Wipe Away 99.9% of Germs in Blood Spills

Blood. It is a common sight to many healthcare professionals. An important part of their job is to follow good practice when cleaning up areas contacted with blood to prevent cross-contamination. All blood and bodily fluids can be … [Read more...]

It IS About You: Indy Customer Appreciation Show, May 22nd

It's nice to feel appreciated every now and then. That's why we're gathering some of our finest product specialists, suppliers, and industry experts to give you a day of interactive learning, hands-on demonstrations, and workshops. Oh - did … [Read more...]

Think Outside the Box: A Prescription for Parcel vs. Pallet Packaging

A manufacturer of luxury bath and body products sought us out for help with a recurring problem. Almost 30% of their shampoo was being damaged in shipment. Costs were quickly adding up to replace the damaged product, not to mention the … [Read more...]

3 Business Reasons Why Your Building Should Be Sustainable

There are many reasons to support and implement a sustainable building maintenance program. The most evident are the benefits reaped by Mother Earth, such as reduced waste, less air pollution and conservation of natural resources. However, … [Read more...]