Be The Prophet of Profitability. Be Nice to Your Cleaning Equipment.

Prophet Of Profitability

Raise your hand if you want to improve your bottom line. Who doesn’t, right?

One of the wisest, yet unsung prophets of profitability is the one who preaches proper care and maintenance of cleaning equipment investments. By extending the lifespan of your equipment, you can prolong or avoid altogether the cost of repairs, or worse, having to swallow the big pill of financing the replacement of said costly, yet necessary equipment.

The Five Commandments of Cleaning Equipment Care

Treat your equipment like you (hopefully) treat your car. At the very least, do these 5 things on a consistent, quarterly basis to reduce the normal wear-and-tear by up to 75% and extend the useful lifespan of your equipment by 3 to 5 years:

  1. Oil and Lubricate Moving Parts: Keep bearings, chains, and casters greased – they need to move freely. Pretty simple.
  2. Rotate Squeegees: Just like you rotate your tires, you can also extend the duty cycle of your squeegees by rotating the working surfaces. Also, try to avoid running those squeegees into door frames and thresholds to prevent damage.
  3. Check Batteries: Expect a 4-hour run time for most machines – a full shift of work, when you account for encumbrances and breaks. Battery neglect can reduce the run-time by half or more, reducing productivity. Check those batteries regularly, so they can live a long and happy life.
  4. Clean Tanks: Get rid of the crud in that tank. Chemical residues can build up over time, adding weight to the equipment which drains both the battery and productivity.
  5. Keep Accurate Records: You know what we mean – asset management is a smart business fundamental. Keep track of the upkeep; you’ll pat yourself on the back later.

Be the Unsung Hero

Prevention is the key to ensuring client satisfaction, avoiding costly service outages, and keeping your fleet of equipment operating at its best.

You can be that unsung hero, the Prophet of Profitability. Practice the Five Commandments of Cleaning Equipment Care, schedule regular comprehensive maintenance checkups with our Service Department, and don’t hesitate to give us a call when something’s wrong.

Our top-notch technicians can service your equipment on-site or in-house, whatever works best for you. We also stock a large inventory of replacement parts – we’re happy to install and service these for you.

Contact the HP Service Team at 800.382.5326 x1302 or to implement a Preventive Maintenance Program or schedule an on-site appointment/pick-up.

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Kirsten DeHaai

Director of eCommerce Marketing at HP Products Corporation
Kirsten DeHaai is the Director of eCommerce Marketing for HP Products, a distributor of facility maintenance supplies throughout the Midwest. Kirsten has more than 8 years of experience in eCommerce development, brand management, online marketing and communications.