On-Demand Bubble Wrap System Streamlines Ordering Efficiencies

Popping Bubbles to Relieve Stress

Although there’s nothing like a good session of popping bubble wrap bubbles to relieve stress, finding a place to store those hay bale-sized rolls of bubble wrap can cause major headaches for some manufacturing facilities.

Kremers Urban Pharmaceuticals, Inc., an international manufacturer of specialty generic pharmaceuticals, was looking for ways to streamline their ordering efficiencies at their 400,000 sq. ft. plant in Seymour, IN. HP Sales Representative, Woody Moore, noticed them rubbing their temples and asked for a plant walk-through. This proved to be very beneficial to both parties, as we discovered that they used a large amount of bubble wrap (1 truckload per month) to cushion the top of each 55-gallon barrel shipped out, loaded with finished dry goods.

The one common denominator affecting both the manufacturing and distribution sides was the warehouse storage space required to accommodate product with such a large footprint. We suggested they replace the 80 units of bubble they used per month with an automated machine that would manufacture their bubble wrap on demand. In less than 4 minutes, these machines can produce 4 bundles of bubble from just 1 roll of uninflated, quilted, low-density polyethylene (LDPE) film. This specialized film is biodegradable, with an air transfer design to provide cushioning and product protection.

These on-demand bubble wrap systems can be designed so that production machines and service are provided at no cost. The only expense to the end user is the film used to form the packaging material.

With several options to choose from, Kremers selected the FP Pillow Pak’r® system for its speed of operation, ease of use and compact design.

More Space, Less Time, Fewer Headaches

By making the switch to an on-demand system, we eliminated the need for Kremers to receive, handle, and put away a truckload of bubble every single month. The new system also sped up the production line, reducing the overhead time necessary for product retrieval and set-up when utilizing a stores or tool-crib operation. More significantly, it freed up 80 floor locations in their storage racking that are now being used for raw materials, enabling them to utilize their fixed overhead more effectively.

Before On-Demand Bubble Wrap System Implementation

  • Monthly Inventory – 1 truckload of bubble wrap
  • Space Requirements – 10 pallet rack locations of storage space

After On-Demand Bubble Wrap System Implementation

  • Monthly Inventory – 1 pallet of quilted LDPE film
  • Space Requirements – 1 pallet rack location of storage space

In addition to operational improvements, having the cushion wrap produced on-site also provided considerable ergonomic benefits for the workers – they were no longer required to lug around those huge, hay bale-sized rolls of bubble.

The implementation of a fully-automated, on-demand bubble wrap system can lead to overall savings approaching 25%, when factoring in storage, use, transportation, and other hidden costs – an excellent reason to stop popping those bubbles and start making your own!

Want Your Very Own On-Demand Bubble Wrap System? No problem. Contact us at (800) 382-5326 to get the bubble rolling…

The HP Advantage – Why Kremers Selected HP as Distribution Partner

  • Inventory Consolidation: Kremers sources all their cleaning, safety and packaging products from HP Products under one convenient distribution umbrella, reducing the cost-to-serve.
  • Value-Added Service:  On-site service and profit improvement strategies add to Kremers’ bottom line.
  • Long-Term Business Relationship: Kremers has been doing business with us for 10 years, and the relationship is still going strong. Both Kremers and HP Products have been located in Indiana for over 40 years.
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Kirsten DeHaai

Director of eCommerce Marketing at HP Products Corporation
Kirsten DeHaai is the Director of eCommerce Marketing for HP Products, a distributor of facility maintenance supplies throughout the Midwest. Kirsten has more than 8 years of experience in eCommerce development, brand management, online marketing and communications.