Dress to Impress – How to Tackle Ice Melt Residue and Keep Your Matting Looking Like New

Dress to Impress

It only takes 7 seconds for a person to judge someone’s character. That also means you only have 7 seconds to make a strong first impression. There’s a lot of research out there about what you can and shouldn’t do to make yourself more presentable, but what about your facility? Who’s to say your guests or customers aren’t judging you by their surroundings? If you’re trying to impress them, the appearance of your facility matters – starting with the entrance.

When you first meet someone, you want to “dress to impress.” So, just like you wouldn’t wear that old faded suit to a job interview, you don’t want your entryway matting to be so dirty, you can’t even tell what color it is.  It can be a difficult task to keep matting clean (after all, it is there to collect the dirt), but it is an important one. This task can be especially challenging during winter when storm after storm leads to ice melt being tracked in.

The Problem: Ice Melt Residue

Ice melt is an important component of every winter safety program, but it certainly can wreak havoc on your entryway matting. Do you see the dulling, whitish film and traffic pattern in the “before” image below? The culprit here is ice melt residue, the stubborn leftover salt brine that likes to stick to floor surfaces long after the winter storms subside.

Ice Melt Residue Before and After

The Solution: Proper Grooming Tools

To clean the mat, we used a deck brush along with a conditioning/neutralizing cleaner to suspend and remove this residue. Spartan’s Clean by Peroxy is a tried-and-true favorite. We diluted the product at 1-2 ounces per gallon, then worked it into the surface with the brush. Ten minutes later, the mat is renewed and ready for service!

Prevention: Always Look Your Best

I think we can all agree that it would be great to prevent that dulling, sticky film from building up in the first place.

To keep your entrance matting looking its best, be sure to change it on a regular basis, and prolong your matting investment with frequent vacuuming, and wet cleaning as needed. The tracking-in of dirt, grit and soils can accelerate the wear on any floor. Proper cleaning and maintenance will help protect your flooring investments, keep your building occupants safe, and keep your facility looking fabulous throughout the winter months and beyond.

Ace those first 7 seconds – with the right tools, your entryway matting will stay attractive and continually impress all winter long.

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Courtney Petesch

Courtney Petesch is the Marketing Specialist for HP Products, a distributor of 50,000 facility maintenance products throughout the Midwest. Courtney has over 5 years of experience managing e-commerce product content and merchandising, overseeing social media initiatives, executing email marketing campaigns and evaluating analytics.