Image Makes a Lasting Impression with Rubbermaid’s Executive Series

Rubbermaid Executive Series

I travel a lot, and frequently find myself in all different types of locations and facilities. Some are very upscale commercial office buildings, some are lodging or vacation sites, and many are corporate headquarters, buildings or hospitals. All have one thing very much in common—they want to look their best at all times, every day; as the saying goes, you never ever know who may come to visit. You want that first impression to last, and make the exceptional an everyday occurrence.

So, when I saw the pre-introduction of the Rubbermaid Executive SeriesTM, I was very much impressed. Here was a series of products that not only perform the same tasks as efficiently or more so as their predecessor items, but allow for an upgraded look that blends into the background. Gone are the glaring color schemes of the past that let everyone know the cleaning crews are here, in the way, and obvious to all. The subtle black and charcoal gray tone of these items is a significant enhancement, and also lends itself to coordination with uniforms of those performing the task. Can you imagine the old ways—yellow uniforms to match a yellow/brown housekeeping cart?

Image Makes a Lasting Impression

In every business setting, image is everything, and people immediately feel more comfortable when the image you project is one of professionalism and attention to detail. Let your image sell itself— following this simple step is one of the best-kept secrets of both the lodging and the property-management industries. By continually upgrading and refining your image, you are assured of client retention and positive commentaries on your properties; people know what they want to see and what they don’t. Today, social media provides instant and widespread recommendations of the comfort and mind’s-eye view of your establishment. Projecting and sustaining that enhanced viewpoint is a powerful tool that has long-term benefits long after guests have checked out or tenants have gone home for the evening.

As a case in point, they say the simple things mean the most to us all, and I immediately felt that way when I realized that this entire line has been fitted with quiet casters. It may not mean much on the surface to many, but worn, hard plastic casters traveling across a marble lobby at mid-morning can be heard for miles, it seems. Clients remember that, and were it a research laboratory corridor in the middle of the day, the day porter you employ may be asked not to come back until later, hampering his productivity. It seems to me that a little thinking is going to go a long way on this brilliant idea.

Hospitality and Property Management Operations Shine

While attending a conference in mid-summer, I was struck by the fact that everywhere I looked during lunch the serving carts were all of a light color, and showed their age and abuse by the number of marks quite visible on their exterior. I then thought if these were to be in black, they would immediately look more professional, wear better and not be so prominent from a distance.

All of the Executive SeriesTM designs take this into consideration, and have perfected the balance between ease-of-use, efficiency, and the ability to hide supplies within housekeeping or maids carts. Cleaning efficiencies have been maximized with tools that allow for full productivity and product use. Rubbermaid studies show that crews equipped with the latest, smaller carts and tools are more effective and reduce injuries by allowing them to work smarter and more discreetly. Larger-capacity maid carts reduce restocking trips, and provide faster turnover of rooms and banquet halls. Microfiber technology cleans faster and more effectively with less labor and chemical.  All of these attributes demonstrate an uncompromising commitment to guest satisfaction.

In March of 2012, IBISWorld reported that access to a multi-skilled and well-trained staff is vital to ensure the highest levels of tenant satisfaction. In addition, a workforce’s ability to adapt new technology is a key long-term success factor. Rubbermaid’s primary motive of for creating the Executive Series was to empower support staff to work smarter by completing tasks more efficiently, quickly, and with less overall cost.

Innovations that include customizable carts and cleaning equipment can dramatically lessen the cost of having spotless buildings, and allow staff to focus on more demanding tasks. It’s worth it to invest in having the best so you can project your best image, don’t you think?

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Jim Smith

Executive Vice President at HP Products Corporation
Jim Smith is a resident expert for HP Products, a distributor of facility maintenance products throughout the Midwest. Jim has more than 25 years of experience in sales and marketing, supply chain management, leadership staff development, business acquisitions and mergers, forecasting/analysis and strategic planning.