Holiday Gift Guide to Spread Warmth and Cheer (Not Germs) this Season

Holiday Gifts

Two of the biggest pains of winter are the cold and the germs. So, when it comes time to exchange gifts at your office this season, warmth and health are two excellent themes to consider. Yes, we are getting down to the wire, but something about holiday shopping screams procrastination.

So, for those of us with shopping left to do this holiday season, what better way to show you care than with gifts that bring warmth and fight off germs?

Holiday Gift Guide for Warmth

  1. Keurig – The speed and convenience can’t be beat. At the touch of a button, a cup of warm coffee, tea or hot cocoa is delivered in less than one minute.
  2. Coffee – From whole bean to decaf to K-Cup®, there’s a style and flavor for every coffee drinker on your list.
  3. Jacket with Fleece Lining – While coffee may warm your insides, this jacket is sure to keep you warm on the outside. The removable fleece liner zips out to keep the jacket functional throughout different seasons.
  4. Toe Warmers – With an average temperature of 100° F, these toe warmers are literally the “hottest” gift of the season. These are the ideal stocking stuffers – the warmers will feel right at home in the toe of a stocking hanging from your mantel.
  5. Winter Gloves – Extremities are especially vulnerable to frostbite in the cold. Insulated gloves provide additional warmth in cold work environments to keep fingers safe.

Holiday Gift Guide for Health

  1. Kleenex – Facial tissue is something we could all use during the cold months of winter. A pocket pack keeps tissue handy for the unpredictable runny nose.
  2. Desk Caddy – No one wants to get sick and miss any of the festivities that come with this time of year. Each employee can play an active role in improving workplace health with their own personal desk caddy.
  3. Hand Sanitizer – Take extra measures to ensure clean hands, and keep germs at bay with a sanitizer that kills 99.9% of germs.
  4. Hard Surface Wipes – Hands aren’t the only things holding onto germs. Gift these wipes to help co-workers eliminate concerns of cross-contamination from surface to surface.
  5. Festive Placemats – Not only will these decorative placemats get you in the spirit, they also provide a safe and sanitary surface when serving food.

The holidays are almost here.
Find what you need without fear!
Use our holiday gift guide to spread cheer
Throughout your office this year! 

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