Overcome the Toughest of Stains with Steam and Pretreatment

Spaghetti Stain on Carpet

There’s been an accident. A plate of spaghetti is overturned on the floor, and marinara spots decorate your carpet. As those spots have time to dwell and dry, they become stains. Stains require more effort to remove not only because of the extra time they have to latch onto their unfortunate victim, but also because in that time, they can settle deeper into surfaces. Stain removal can be tricky, but with the right approach, almost all stains can be conquered.

Win the Battle Against Stains

Stains can ruin a perfectly good… well, anything. Each day, stains wreak havoc on everything from floors to linens to clothes, creating unsightly marks. Knowing what method should be used to remove the stain puts you at an advantage. Two tried-and-true methods are the use of steam, or the right pretreatment product.

Beat Stains with Steam

Constantly on the receiving end of spilled food and drink, floors and upholstery are popular targets of stains. When laundering isn’t a possibility, steam cleaners are a great tool for removing stains on these areas – they attack the stain on a microscopic level.

Before you start to use a steam cleaner, first decide if the stain is water soluble. This means the stain can be removed with a water-based cleaning product, such as a steam cleaner. Second, check the surface for sensitivity to water. It is best to test a small spot before the removal process gets underway. For example, a wood surface that soaks up a drop of water is prone to warping, so steam cleaning may not be the best option. On the other hand, a wood surface that causes the water droplet to bead up and is easily wiped away, may be steamed cleaned with careful attention.

Once you’ve cleared the stain for steam removal, follow these steps to carefully work out the stain.

Defeat Stains with Pretreatment

Next on the hit list are linens and clothes. Unlike floors and upholstery though, it is a lot easier to toss them in the wash. Unfortunately, we can’t leave it up to the machine to do all of the dirty work. To get the job done right, stains require additional attention.

Using the right combination of laundry spotters and reclaim additives can help to eliminate the need to replace perfectly good linens that are riddled with stains, saving time and money. The average cost of treating stained linen is 5 cents or less, while the average cost of linen is $7.50 per pound.

Industry source Pat Laughlin, Senior Vice President at Sunburst Chemicals, confirms most hotels spend 25% of their total laundry costs replacing improperly cleaned linens to uphold their image. For hotels and other facilities faced with a multitude of stains everyday, following a stain removal system can help protect linen investments.

Stain Removal Steps

  1. Treat the stain with a laundry spotter as soon as possible. Many lodging facilities include pretreatment chemicals on their housekeeping carts so the staff can treat spots when they are changing linens. This allows for more dwell time so the chemical can thoroughly loosen the soils before the laundry cycle.
  2. Add reclaim additives to the wash cycle when extra stain fighting power is needed. For example, if the load includes a lot of washcloths, it may be necessary to use an additive that helps remove make-up stains.
  3. Check for lingering stains as the wash is sorted for drying. Any linen with stains can still be treated with a spotter at this point, and set aside to be washed again.
  4. Repeat steps 1-3 if the stain was not removed.

A stain removal system will help to identify which spotter products should be used when.

Stain Removal Spotters by Sunburst Chemicals

Accidents that result in stains happen all of the time. Be ready with the right steam clean method or laundry program to help you win the battle against stains.


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