Track Your Sustainability Efforts to Show the Value of Your Investments

Sustainability Dashboard

On April 22, join people around the world as they voice their appreciation for our planet and demand its protection in honor of Earth Day. Through its current campaign, Earth Day Network has reached over 1 billion acts of green, with the help of and commitments from individuals, organizations, businesses and governments.

At HP Products, we track our environmental stewardship and commitments through the Sustainability Dashboard – an advanced reporting system that allows users to track levels of resource consumption against their own targets and goals.

Our Sustainability Journey

Sustainable practices make good business sense. We’ve tracked our progress over the last few years and can show you our savings.

Our Sustainability Journey from HP Products

The Sustainability Dashboard

In today’s economy, there is no finish line. Every day, we dedicate valuable resources in order to stay competitive. We invest in new technologies to reduce waste and resource consumption.

These investments make economic sense, and the Sustainability Dashboard provides a simple and effective solution to help:

  • Monitor cost and consumption
  • Show the results
  • Prove the value of our investments

Start creating a culture of sustainability at your facility today with the Sustainability Dashboard.

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Courtney Petesch

Courtney Petesch is the Marketing Specialist for HP Products, a distributor of 50,000 facility maintenance products throughout the Midwest. Courtney has over 5 years of experience managing e-commerce product content and merchandising, overseeing social media initiatives, executing email marketing campaigns and evaluating analytics.