Modular Carpet Tiles Find a New Home in Long-Term Care Facilities

Modular Carpet Tiles from Mats Inc.

Carpet tiles have shed their grungy basement image and transformed into an attractive and versatile flooring option. This has sparked a new trend in flooring, modular carpet tiles, which are finding a new home in long-term care facilities.

Carpet Tiles: Good News for Long-Term Care

While not all types of carpets would work in long-term care facilities, buildings with modular carpeting recognize these 6 benefits.

  1. More Inviting Environment –Sorry hard flooring, but you have a cold, unwelcoming feel about you. Carpet creates a warmer and more pleasing ambiance to help residents feel more at home.
  2. Design Flexibility – The wide variety of color and pattern options enable facilities to strategically place tiles for the benefits of residents. Certain colors can alleviate depression, and deliberately placed tiles provide a way for people with early stage Alzheimer’s disease to remember where they are within a facility.
  3. Reduced Noise – Carpet will help absorb noise from rolling carts, beeping alarms and heavy footsteps down a hallway. A quiet environment is ideal, especially for the many residents who may sleep during the day. Compared to other flooring material, carpet can absorb 10 times more noise.
  4. Increased Safety – As modular carpet gains traction in facilities, it also helps feet gain better traction. Just like matting, carpet can trap and absorb moisture help to reduce slips and falls. It may be more difficult to clean a spill on carpet than on a hard-surface, but slips and falls are less common on carpeted surfaces.
  5. Improved Air Quality – Carpets have received a bad reputation for their ability to trap dirt and allergen particles, and often believed to be a cause of poor Indoor Air Quality (IAQ). However, the dirt-trapping quality is actually what makes carpets better for IAQ, but only if carpets are properly cleaned. In January 2014, Airmid Healthgroup, a research organization specializing in aerobiology, released a study comparing hard-surface flooring to carpet. The study found that effectively cleaned carpets can trap those particles, making them “less available to become airborne and thus maintaining [enhanced] indoor air quality.”
  6. Ease of Maintenance – Advances in carpet care equipment over the years has improved ease of carpet care. Regular vacuuming and occasional extraction can help keep carpet in good shape. When it comes to stains, steam cleaning is a good place to start. Betadine, an antiseptic used in long-term care facilities, is a common cause of stains because of the iodine it contains. Iodine stains can be difficult to remove, and when steam or stain removers aren’t enough, it’s easy as replacing one tile to make the whole floor look like new.

Ready to rejuvenate your flooring with modular carpet tiles? Check out different patterns, colors and functions from Mats Inc.


Flooring trends: Carpet’s new options by Joe Versluis, Long-Term Living, March 4, 2014

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