5 Pieces of Cleaning Equipment to Boost Productivity

Productive Cleaning

If there ever were a buzzword in the cleaning industry, productivity is it. And here I am adding fuel to the fire. Why? Because productivity is still (and probably always will be) a priority when comes to facility cleaning.

Finding ways to do more with less without compromising quality is the number one goal for many facility maintenance professionals. Lucky for us, manufacturers of cleaning equipment are constantly making advancements to help boost productivity.

Efficient Equipment

These 5 pieces of cleaning equipment provide huge productivity gains – every professional should consider using them at their facility.

1. Windsor Clipper™ Duo Carpet Extractor with Encapsulation

The Clipper is a two-mode machine that uses an encapsulating interim chemical to break down and surround soil and detergent residue in carpets. The disturbed residue is encased by the chemical, and it dries into a hard crystal that can easily be vacuumed. This method reduces the time spent cleaning by extending the length of time between deep extractions. Even better, carpet is dry in 20 minutes and ready for traffic. The short turnover time allows a wider window of time to clean carpet, and more flexibility for your cleaning schedule.

2. Windsor Versamatic® Vacuum

This is no ordinary household vacuum. The Versamatic is an industrial strength vacuum with a 1,000 watt motor and a separate brush motor that allow you to deep clean your carpet in a single pass. No more wasting time (or getting frustrated) going back and forth over the same spot to pick up dirt left behind.

3. Windsor Compass ™ 2 for Daily Cleaning

Here’s a piece of equipment suited for your daily cleaning needs. The Compass 2 dispenses cleaning solutions, then rinses and vacuums surfaces dry in 1/3 less time than conventional cleaning methods. It allows you safely and easily remove soils and bacteria from multiple surfaces for a faster, touch-free clean.

4. Advance SC351™ Micro Floor Scrubber 

The SC351 micro scrubber operates with a maintenance-free battery and provides up to 100 minutes of scrubbing on one charge. An on-board charger eliminates the need to take the machine back to a charging station. The micro scrubber delivers more scrubbing with minimal downtime and less hassle.

 5. High Performance Wet/Dry Vacuum with Front-Mount Squeegee

You can’t go wrong with this wet/dry vacuum. It’s built to withstand heavy, daily usage, and even comes with 10 inch stair-climbing wheels to help you get it where it needs to go. You never know when you may need to vacuum up a wet spot – the 24 inch front-mount squeegee makes it easy to dry up wet areas quickly. The easy-to-use controls and on-board tool storage contribute to the high cleaning productivity rate of this machine.

Does your facility have cleaning equipment that helps make the most of your time? If not, consider the productivity gains that could be made by adding these tools to your cleaning program.

What pieces of equipment do you currently use to accomplish your cleaning goals?

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Courtney Petesch

Courtney Petesch is the Marketing Specialist for HP Products, a distributor of 50,000 facility maintenance products throughout the Midwest. Courtney has over 5 years of experience managing e-commerce product content and merchandising, overseeing social media initiatives, executing email marketing campaigns and evaluating analytics.