Out To Control Paper Use and Costs? Start With The Right Dispenser.

MOD Paper Towel Dispenser

Today’s guest blog post is presented by Kimberly-Clark Professional*, a preferred supplier for Ferguson Facilities Supply.

Chalk it up to human nature: people tend to go a little overboard when they’re provided with things they’re not paying for. For example, they use a lot of paper towels and bath tissue in restrooms. More than they’d use at home – and more than you’d like to be paying for.

Fortunately, there are ways to curb the excess use of restroom paper products. One easy way is with the MOD* Dispenser System from Kimberly-Clark Professional*. Reduced paper and cost-in-use were two main considerations in the design of this innovative system.

Paper-Saving Solutions

MOD* Dispenser Systems have innovative internal dispensing modules that plug and play to give you the flexibility to build a dispenser customized to your specific requirements. Modules can easily be changed as your needs do, so you don’t have to keep replacing entire dispensers.

With the MOD* System, you can choose electronic towel dispensing, manual touchless dispensing, hard roll towels, folded towels, even slim solutions for small spaces or hygienic bathroom tissue dispensing. And each one has paper control and cost reduction in mind.

Pre-cut, Power-Assist and More

The MOD* System’s NG-Series module is designed to deliver a better experience and consumption control for customers in office buildings and high-traffic facilities. Patent-pending SMART CONTROL* Dispensing Technology features two delivery options: precut and power-assist.

Towel delay settings not only control usage, but allow for faster or slower dispensing depending on the restroom traffic needs. The stub roll feature reduces waste for more sustainable, cost-effective performance.

The true one-at-a-time dispensing of MOD* SCOTTFOLD* Folded Towel Dispensers is designed to reduce tabbing, tearing and multiple dispensing for less paper waste.

To help reduce paper use, MOD* SLIMROLL Dispensers have controlled manual delivery plus an automatic transfer stub roll feature. Higher capacity than folded towel dispensers, these manual roll towel dispensers reduce both waste and maintenance.

The MOD* Coreless JRT Jr. Bathroom Tissue Dispenser conserves paper by eliminating the typically big cardboard core – while providing 15% more tissue per roll than standard cored JRT system.

Patented Paper-Saving Towels, Too

MOD* Dispensers use KLEENEX® Brand and SCOTT® Brand paper towels with patented ABSORBENCY POCKETS* so users need fewer towels to dry their hands. The result: more towels left in the dispenser, more time between refills, less paper waste and, in many cases, less cost for your business.

Looking for more ways to control paper and reduce cost-in-use? Check out all the MOD* Dispensing Systems and see how this innovative plug-and-play system can meet your paper-reduction needs now – and in the future.

Which MOD* Hard Roll Towel System is right for you?

Which MOD* Hard Roll Towel System is right for you?

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