7 “HP” Products We’re Thankful For

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Although we serve mostly businesses, many of our products work well for the home, too. In the spirit of Thanksgiving, our employees would like to share some of their personal favorites with you.

These products have made a difference in our lives by making household chores easier, faster, or more enjoyable, and for that, we are thankful.

Some of Our Favorite Products

HP Luxe Microfiber Sheets – When we first started selling textiles, our product specialists gave me a set of the HP microfiber sheets to try at home. Excited to try out my new sheets, I went home that evening, washed/dried and put them on my bed. From that night forward, I fell in love with those sheets. Two years later, every Sunday I pull them off, wash/dry and put them right back on. They are so soft, cool to sleep on (middle aged woman will totally understand the “cool” factor) and fit perfectly to my mattress. I have brand new, expensive sheets from a retailer in my linen closet, but they do not hold a candle to these sheets.

Carey Smith, Sales Consultant-Indianapolis

Athea Triple Threat Selective Herbicide – I bought a case of this last spring to keep the weeds out of my yard. The product works great and is concentrated, so it’s very cost effective compared to the products you’ll find in retail stores. I gave a gallon to a friend that had a severe problem with chickweed taking over his yard. After one application, his yard was completely chickweed free. It also works with getting rid of the dandelions that pop up every spring.

Clint Brosmer, Purchasing

Spartan Clean by Peroxy® – This is a terrific all-purpose cleaner I use constantly around the house—since the dilution is variable, I have used this product to wash any surface that’s not harmed by water. It works great on grouted tile floors, baseboards, painted surfaces, and performs especially well on my laminate flooring without any streaking or water-spotting, saving a huge amount of time and effort. As a general-purpose carpet cleaner/spotter, you can get out any stubborn stain or spot; if you have kids or dogs, it’s a life-saver. This is a best-in-class product I recommend to anyone.

Jim Smith, Executive Vice President

Rubbermaid HYGEN™ Clean Water System Pulse Mop – My parents recently moved into a new house with hardwood floors throughout. After a month, or two I remember my mom complaining, “It’s such a hassle sweeping and cleaning these floors, I can never keep them clean!”. Her birthday was a couple weeks away, so being the practical gift giver that I am, I got her a HYGEN Pulse mop and 2-sided microfiber dust and wet mop pads. These products allowed her to sweep, mop and use the appropriate cleaner, all in one step. She also appreciated how much easier it was to use with her bad knee. Cleaning the floors is no longer a never-ending task, just fill, mop, and toss the pads in the laundry. Although it wasn’t the most glamorous gift I’ve ever gotten my mom, she still says it’s one of her favorites.

Zach Pifer, Marketing Contributor

Spartan Chemical TB-Cide Quat® Handi Spray – This is my favorite product for a number of reasons. It’s an Intermediate Level Hospital Grade disinfectant, so I have confidence I’m killing a wide range of infectious agents. Great for cleaning up around the baby changing station! Also, its great cleaning power lets me clean and disinfect around the kitchen in one step. It knocks out food grease spatter quickly, and cleaning the sink or countertops after preparing raw meats is a breeze.

Matthew Krouse, Sales Consultant-Indianapolis

Windsor Sensor XP  – I love my Windsor vacuum! In 2012, our Dyson Ball died after a lifespan of only one year. Disappointed and frustrated, I wanted a vacuum that would last for the long haul. After an awesome demo from my boss and the HP service team, I purchased the Windsor Sensor XP 12” upright vacuum for my home. We have high pile carpet and ceramic tile throughout, so the self-leveling feature is perfect for moving to areas with different floor heights with ease. We have a very cute and fluffy Border Collie, who sheds enough hair in one year to make 2 more dogs. The first time I used my new Windsor, it picked up almost an entire bag full of dog hair that the Dyson had missed! The Sensor XP is very lightweight, powerful and easy to maneuver. I love the length of the cord – I don’t have to unplug and re-plug when moving from room to room. I know other employees who have owned Windsor vacuums for over 10 years, with little or no service to keep them running full steam. Wise investment.

Kirsten DeHaai, Director of eCommerce Marketing

HP Wasp and Hornet Killer – I moved into a new house this summer, and to get to the front door, you must first go up a winding and covered outdoor staircase. Read: perfect bug shelter. Many a bug had made its home in my staircase by the time I moved in. Unfortunately, that included wasps who had taken a liking to my porch light – they were flying in and around light. After a few sprays of the Wasp and Hornet Killer, my staircase and light were wasp free the rest of the summer!

Courtney Hansen, Online Marketing Specialist

Which “HP” Product Are You Thankful For?

If you’re a customer of ours, we’re very thankful of that! Which product are you most thankful for? Let us know in the comments!

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Courtney Petesch

Courtney Petesch is the Marketing Specialist for HP Products, a distributor of 50,000 facility maintenance products throughout the Midwest. Courtney has over 5 years of experience managing e-commerce product content and merchandising, overseeing social media initiatives, executing email marketing campaigns and evaluating analytics.