3 Ways to Reduce Bath Tissue Waste

3 Ways to Reduce Bath Tissue Waste

We all know those toilet paper wasters who spin the wheel to dispense enough paper to wrap around the world three times. Shame. Shame. We know their names! An often unfortunate consequence is leaving the next stall user wishing for a single square.

And that’s a real bummer. But the biggest bummer really is the waste—waste of product and of costs. Manufacturers of towels, tissues and dispensers are stepping up to make strides for more sustainable bathrooms.

Here are 3 ways to reduce bath tissue waste:

1 – Consider a pull dispenser instead of a roll.

With roll dispensers, there’s room for human error and roll malfunction. Pull dispensers, like the SofPull from Georgia Pacific, remove those margins of error and allow for users to pull a single sheet at time. A key benefit is reducing over-spinning and ultimately waste. However, an added benefit to this type of bath tissue dispenser is the complete enclosure eliminates cross-contamination by allowing a user to only touch one sheet at time.

2 – Try coreless rolls.

Coreless rolls eliminate the cardboard core, which immediately cuts down on waste from the manufacturer. The coreless rolls tend to cut down on waste by removing the fast spin option. Both Kimberly Clark and Georgia Pacific offer several options for coreless bath tissue. With fewer mechanical parts in coreless dispensers, you may get the added benefit of reduced service calls.

3 – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Ok, we’re not suggesting your employees and visitors reuse toilet tissue. However, many products today do meet EPA standards for post-consumer waste content, meaning that the flushed paper is gentler on the environment. And that’s a good thing! SCOTT from Kimberly Clark offers 100% recyclable fiber tissue with earth-friendly limiting of bleaching, deinking and packaging. Cascades Tissue also offers a more sustainable option with its Moka roll made from 100% unbleached recycled fiber.

If you would like to learn how to make your commercial restrooms more sustainable, contact HP Products for a consultation today. We’re solution-oriented to help you reduce waste and costs wherever possible.

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