5 Tips for Winter Commercial Carpet Care

Tips for Winter Commercial Carpet Care

You’ve heard that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. This rings very true for commercial carpet care in the winter. Most facilities enact a thorough spring cleaning plan in an attempt to undo what’s already been done to carpets. However, many preventive measures can be taken to protect carpets throughout winter’s tracking of salt, ice melt, snow and dirt.

Here are five tips to keep carpets clean throughout the inclement winter months:

1 – Create a seasonal cleaning plan.

What’s needed in the winter months may vary greatly from spring and summer. Your facility’s year-round checklist for the cleaning crew can be adjusted to implement weekly maintenance to prevent long-term damage to carpet. It may be necessary to do extra staff training or put reminders in place to get into the seasonal rhythm. Increased cleanings can prevent ice melt residue and dirt build up in carpets.

2 – Evaluate your entrance matting systems.

Entryway matting not only provides safety for your walking surfaces but also traps in dirt at the front door. During winter months, ice melt and snow residue inevitably finds its ways throughout the building. Prevent unnecessary soil on carpet throughout the rest of your office by ensuring that your current entryway mats can stop and store the soil and water produced by harsher, snowy months.

Not all mats are created equal. HP Product experts recommend a combination of backed scraper/absorption mats in conjunction with a 30-foot matting system for optimal dirt removal from shoes.

3 – Implement spot cleaning on a weekly and monthly rotation.

The first floor of your building likely gets the most wear and tear, so focus on that level first for spot cleaning with both spot removal solutions as well as spotting brushes. Getting ahead of spots will prevent them from settling into the carpet with permanent stains. Empower all employees to care for spots in their work area by making gentle spot cleaners readily available throughout the building. When daily spot cleaning isn’t possible for a cleaning crew, encouragement of employees cleaning their own workspace may be a great way to tackle rough winter carpet dirt.

4 – Vacuum, Vacuum, Vacuum.

Nothing pulls up tracked-in dirt like daily vacuuming. But do you have the right vacuum to take on winter carpet spots? Upright vacs and walk behind sweepers are great for covering a wide area and pulling deep dirt from carpet. However, many of the dirtiest carpet areas are difficult for this equipment to reach. What your matting system didn’t catch ends up underneath desks. To vacuum those tighter spaces, a backpack vac offers more flexibility and navigate desk clusters better.

5 – Watch for water accumulation.

Absorbent carpets can hold large amounts of water and can lead to mold and mildew. Keep an eye out for areas that stay wet around the clock. Typically, the heating throughout the building helps keep air circulating and gives off drier air to prevent long-standing moisture. It still remains important to keep a lookout for wet areas and to dry them with a wet and dry vac. Fans can also help improve air movement to dry out carpet.

Commercial carpet care tailored to winter months will prevent major work for spring and add longevity to your floors.

Our HP Product experts stand ready to help you create a winter carpet care plan. Contact Jim Smith today for more information.

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