Packaging Equipment That Reduces Costs

Stretch Wrap

Cost reduction comes in many forms when you’re packaging product. You can speed up the process and ship more in the same amount of time, you can reduce breakage, cut down on supply costs and even increase workplace safety.

“Adding automated equipment to your packaging process typically achieves the same results no matter where you implement it,” says Mark Froehlich, Equipment Specialist at Ship-Pac, a Ferguson enterprise. “The cost reduction concepts are the same: you can reallocate labor to other parts of the company by taking operators out of the process, you reduce consumables and you achieve better results in throughput and reliability.”

Improving efficiency of your packaging process and operations doesn’t have to be a complete overhaul. You can make smaller, more immediate changes that can drastically improve your workflow. Operators who use three pieces of tape instead of one, or 15 feet of strapping instead of 10, can damage your bottom line. Here are four pieces of packaging equipment that can help you reduce costs and improve the bottom line of every shipment.

Cost-Reducing Packaging Equipment

Tape Machine

This is a classic example of how saving a few seconds or a few pennies at a time can add up when you repeat it over and over. A person can’t consistently tear a piece of paper tape the same length every time. Tape machines quickly dispense identical lengths of tape which speeds up the packaging process as well as helps you control costs by accurately determining the cost per load. You will see cost savings add up quickly.

Stretch Wrapper

The tight fit of stretch film around your packaging has several benefits for cost and worker safety. A taut cargo load is more likely to remain intact, and when shipping odd-shaped items (like chandeliers), stretch film can secure edges and points that could otherwise snag clothing or machinery. In addition, you can control costs.  A stretch wrapper will pull film to its full yield strength, wrapping pallets and products tighter with less film than when completed by hand.

Strapping Machine

Securing packaging with a strapping machine is safer and faster than tasking employees to tackle the project alone. Limit the number of sharp and dangerous tools on your floor with a strapping machine that quickly and automatically cuts the right length of fastener. A single employee can strap many boxes with a machine and you reduce the chances for a workplace injury.

Portable pallet strapping machines can reduce floor space waste as you can move it around as needed. Operators will no longer be feeding straps underneath the pallet on their hands and knees then climbing on top to manually clip the straps. These portable units automatically push the straps under and tighten the straps as they band.

Carton Erector

Proper use of space is a hallmark of an efficient workflow. A carton erector can erect boxes on-demand, which means you will no longer have to store empty, taped-up boxes that are waiting to be filled. This additional space can be used to add another efficiency-driving investment like a previously mentioned strapping machine.

Implement the Packaging Efficiency You Need

“Each customer is going to be different,” continues Froehlich, “however, cost-saving efficiencies will typically become 30-50 percent more efficient when you go to automated. It depends on the customer operations, and we have seen efficiency increases as high as 60 percent. But moving from manual to automatic is a beneficial move for every customer.”

Ready to learn more about how these, and other, pieces of packaging equipment can turn your floor into an efficient, safe and money-saving machine? Our experts at HP Products will help you find the right tool for the job, no matter the job. Contact us today to get started.

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