Get Better Results and Spend Less Money with Dilution Control Systems

Dilution Control Cleaning Systems

“Dilution control can be an underutilized system of cleaning,” says Dale McGinty, HP Products Industry Expert. “Often times, cleaning associates believe using more of a chemical during application provides a better result. In reality, correct chemical dilution yields the best and safest results to any cleaning task. Overuse or improper chemical mixing can be extremely dangerous and result in wasted time and resources. Chemical dilution systems are the most economical and safest option for any environment.”

So What Exactly is Dilution Control?

Dilution control systems come in various forms, but the science is the same. They’re all designed to mix chemical concentrates with water and accurately dispense into spray bottles or buckets with no physical exposure to the chemical by the user.

Benefits of Dilution Control

1. Precise Dispensing – Takes the guesswork out of cleaning! Your custodians no longer need to play “chemist” to get their job done effectively.

2. Overall Cleanliness – Improves cleanliness of the facility due to precise mixing of the concentrates with water. For example, improper dilution of floor cleaner could leave a sticky residue or film on the floor surface which attracts soil, causing floors to be cleaned more often.

3. Safety for Staff – Reduces almost all chance of human error and harm by eliminating direct contact between the chemical and the user. Dilution control systems also reduce liability risk associated with workers compensation claims. The concentrated formulas allow for safe lifting or pouring.

4. Cost-Effective – HP Products Industry Expert, Jim Smith, explains that “the only way to look at a dilution control program is to look at the cost-in-use. If a company can do that, they are guaranteed to reap enormous cost-savings benefits.” The biggest savings comes from no overuse of chemicals reducing the costs-per-use.

5. Small Space Friendly – Manufacturers were able to create the chemical concentrates by removing the water from the formula, minimizing their shelf consumption and lowering shipping costs.

6. Environmentally Conscious – The smaller packages or single dose trays use less packaging, transport, energy and water, helping to reduce your carbon footprint. Dilution control also reduces overuse of the product that would result in leftover chemicals being poured down the drain and harming the environment.

Types of Dilution Control Systems

1. Wall Mount systems are one of the most commonly used methods of dilution control according to Smith. The wall mount system allows your company to choose which chemicals to stock from a selection of disinfectant, floor rinse, window cleaner, and more. This system provides the flexibility to choose cleaning products and switch them out according to your needs.
Other wall mount options allow dispensing of pot and pan detergent and sanitizer for compartment sinks and warewash applications. The wall mount option offers the most ROI to the facility by producing up to 170 gallons of solution from just one bottle.
The ease of use is incredible and allows the staff to choose from bucket or bottle fill options with the push of a button.
2. RTD (Ready to Dispense) bottles offer a light-weight, handheld option that provides great flexibility and mobility to the user. Simply connect the bottle to a water source and you’re ready to dispense. The RTD can be used for filling buckets and bottles, and auto scrubbers.
RTD dispensing is an ideal solution for facilities looking to lower end-use cost while reducing inventory and avoiding the need for service or parts because you simply attach to a water source and begin dispensing. Designed with safety, ease of use and the end user in mind, RTD systems feature easy to understand icons on the label and require minimal training.
3. Portable options are also available to smaller sites such as restaurants, daycares and small offices. The individual dosing system takes up less space than other dilution control options and delivers highly effective concentrates in a safe and easy-to-use system.
Facilities can achieve a better clean on a tight budget, while limiting risk of chemical exposure, save on budget dollars, and reduce packaging waste and stress on the environment.


Implement Dilution Control Today

Dilution control systems bring measureable savings to facilities big and small. These various systems are much more efficient and environmentally friendly as they reduce the amount of packaging and require less room to store and transport. Dilution control concentrates minimize safety risks associated with carrying and mixing heavy containers of hazardous cleaning chemicals, resulting in a safer work environment.

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