How EnvirOx Helps Fayette Regional Health Do More With Less

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Do more with less” – easy to say, hard to do. “I have been in the business for over 20 years and like everyone else, surviving in today’s economy has meant being able to do more with less!” says customer Tammy Halpin, the team leader of Environmental Services at Fayette Regional Health Systems in Connersville, IN.

She found success with EnvirOx, and would like to share her experience with everyone in the cleaning industry.

But First – What is EnvirOx?

EnvirOx revolutionized the cleaning industry with the introduction of its core product, H2Orange2 (Referred to as “EnvirOx” throughout this post), in 1998. EnvirOx is an EPA registered stabilized hydrogen peroxide sanitizer that can be diluted into light and heavy duty cleaners. The versatile product can be used as a degreaser, deodorizer, virucide and much more.

“The people using it, they like it very much. It’s very simple to use, it’s environmentally safe, it’s user-safe, it reduces their SKUs and frees up their storage space” comments Linda Baker, the HP Products sales associate for Fayette Regional Health Systems.

How Tammy Uses EnvirOx To Do More With Less

Halpin talks about her success with EnvirOx in a variety of areas throughout the hospital…

Ceramic Tile Floors

“One of the biggest challenges that I have faced as a manager is the maintenance of ceramic tile floors. The grout has always been impossible to keep clean while using a standard wet mop system, so eventually we decided it was as good as it was going to get!

During our initial trial for EnvirOx, I remember the gentleman spraying the cleaning solution on a grouted tile floor and after only a few moments, we were able to simply mop up the dirt and grime that had surfaced to the top and after rinsing. The tile and grout had been restored to a color that I hadn’t saw since the floor was installed!”

Stainless Steel Surfaces

“Another problem that went unresolved over the years was the maintenance of stainless steel surfaces.

As we all know, the products that were available to clean and disinfect this type [of] surface would leave streaks and required an additional step of waxing or polishing the stainless just to make it presentable. Unfortunately, the polishing products that we found effective also came with terrible strong odors that limited us to the time that the product could even be used. We always tried to address stainless at night when fewer people were subjected, and anyone in the business knows that projects that are hard to schedule usually go unaddressed.

EnvirOx has been a life saver for us when addressing stainless steel surfaces and has taken the tedious task of cleaning / polishing down to a one step process. We no longer have an issue with odor, as the citrus smell is very mild and pleasant, allowing us to address issues as they arise.”

Other Areas

“Because of its ability to clean without damaging surfaces, like so many other products do, it is not just limited to grouted floors or stainless steel. We have found it to be also highly effective for many other cleaning issues that we face daily.”

Are You Ready to Try This Versatile Cleaner?

Baker has shown EnvirOx to several of her customers – “I have not tried it on any soil that it does not work on. We took it into a foundry, and the place was really filthy. I was amazed at how well it cleaned without a lot of effort. Needless to say, they’ve put it in place and they’re very happy with it.”

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