5 Seriously Surprising Factors to Consider When Selecting a Wet Mop

Wet Mop Selection

When you “mop the floor” with someone, it generally means you come out victorious. However, when it comes to actually mopping a floor, victory (i.e. a clean, sparkling, safe floor) can be fleeting and elusive. Many people might think a mop is a mop is a mop… but many people would be very wrong! There are a number of factors to consider when selecting the right wet mop to meet the needs of your facility.

5 Wet Mop Considerations

1. Spinning Yarns

It’s not a tall tale – the first characteristic to consider when searching for your perfect wet mop is material.

  • Cotton – Consider it the gateway fiber. Lightweight, absorbent and inexpensive, cotton mops can be disposed of for easy cleanup and low maintenance.
  • Rayon – Far more absorbent than its cotton cousin, rayon mops don’t leave behind the lint that cotton often can.
  • Blend – Just what it sounds like, a blended mop head combines a number of yarn types to maximize absorbency, performance and value.
  • Microfiber – Small fibers, big impact. Microfiber is a top pick because of its absorbency and performance, but also because it attracts and grab particles of dirt, grease and moisture on surfaces.

If you’re still not sure, check out our handy and helpful mop guide for a quick overview on how to choose a mop head.

2. How It’s Made

Once you’ve decided on the type of material you need in a wet mop, it’s time to think about construction.

  • Cut End – The most basic mop out there, the cut end mop is generally made of cotton, and is so inexpensive it can be thrown away and replaced after each use. However, these mops often leave behind lint trails and gaps, and cannot be laundered.
  • Looped End – Looping the ends of the yarn provides a few big benefits: it increases coverage area and absorbency, extends the life of the mop, and allows for laundering and reuse.
  • Headband – It’s not just a hair accessory. Mop headbands come in different widths to hold the mop securely.
  • Tailband – The tailband gives the mopper more control, and allows for a wider path and more efficient work.
  • Flat Mop – Flat maps often have a larger surface area and offer better coverage and maneuverability.

Browse our extensive selection and find the right wet mop for your needs.

3. Size Matters

Once you know the fabric and style of wet mop you’re interested in, you need to think about what size will best suit your needs.

  • Most wet mop heads come in sizes from Small to X-Large, based on the weight of the mop in ounces.
  • Some wet mop heads are ranked by numbers, and weigh less than their number indicates.
  • Sizing of the wet mop should also be based on factors such as the size of the wringer and  of the person using it. Make sure to check out the sizing information in our mop selection guide.

4. Cheaper is Not the New Better

You might think it’s a no-brainer to buy the least expensive wet mop on the market, and for some organizations, it might be just that. But there can be hidden costs associated with opting for the most basic cotton mop, and hidden benefits in choosing a higher-end version. Continental provides an excellent comparison, and you might be surprised to find exactly which mop offers the most value.

5. Safety First

The right wet mop is not just cost and time efficient – it’s also a way to maintain a safe space. A number of mops and accessories can help prevent accidents and avoid injuries.

  • Color Coding: Many mops are color coded to indicate use in designated areas, for specific tasks, or with particular cleaning products. The Unger SmartColor system makes it easy to know at a glance which mop you need for every occasion.
  • Safety Certified: Recently, the NFSI (National Floor Safety Institute) certified the Impact Products Mopster bucketless mopping system for allowing better control of the mopping solution, which could prevent dangerous falls.
  • The Right Accessories: When it comes to safety, they make all the difference. In fact, the NFSI recommends always keeping appropriate signage near a recently mopped floor.

If you have questions or concerns about what mop fits your needs, consult our comprehensive mop guide, or contact HP Products today.

Mop Selection Guide

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