Clean for a Healthier Workplace and Reduce the Costs of Absenteeism

Sick Leave

No one wants a sick employee coming to the office. It’s ideal when an employee who is under the weather is able to stay home… and keep their germs there too.

Even more ideal is a healthy employee who didn’t get sick in the first place. Could your workplace be the culprit? Inadequate cleaning of buildings can leave germs and bacteria on surfaces, rendering them prime for cross-contamination. It’s important to maintain a healthy workplace to avoid the potential costs of absenteeism.

3 Costs of Absenteeism

Sick leave isn’t planned, and this unexpected time off can throw a wrench in things at your workplace.

  1. Increased Payroll Cost – Not only does this include the cost of the employee that is absent, but also any additional labor costs such as overtime or temporary labor pay.
  2. Increased Administrative Expenses – Tracking, reviewing and processing the absence is an expense that many employers fail to account for.
  3. Lower Productivity – When an employee is absent (especially without notice), it can disrupt the productivity of everyone who relies on the absentee and lead to lost sales, late delivery of goods and customer dissatisfaction.

Absenteeism by the Numbers

To provide some context around the costs, let’s take a look at some numbers. In the 2015 Absence Management Study by Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD), 578 organizations were surveyed to explore trends in absence:

  • 6.9 Days – Average number of days lost per employee per year. Minor illness is the most common cause of short-term absence.
  • $730 – Median cost of absence per employee per year. For an organization with 100 employees, that’s $73,000 per year!
  • 94% – Percent of organizations that have a written absence/attendance management policy.
  • Less than 2/5 – Fraction of organizations that monitor the cost of employee absence.

How to Prevent Absenteeism

As the numbers tell us, absenteeism is a substantial cost to organizations. However, the facts on absenteeism should not encourage presenteeism (people coming to work when sick), but support the need for efficient cleaning practices in the workplace.

Cleaning activity encompasses both staffed cleaning efforts and employee participation. Here are a few ways facilities can promote healthy work environments and protect their people:

Clean for a Healthier Workplace

To learn about more opportunities to improve the cleaning practices at your facility, contact HP Products. We’ll help fine-tune your procedures and arm you with the right products to upgrade your cleaning program and help your employees stay healthy.

View the full Value of Clean Infographic

Value of Clean Infographic


 ISSA Value of Clean

Absence Management Survey Report by Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD)

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