Everything You Never Knew About Facility Flooring Types [SlideShare]

Getting to Know Flooring: Floor Types

Floors are used to getting walked all over. But the flooring in your facility does so much more than you know. Whether it’s conductive flooring that keeps your employees safe from electrical and fire hazards, cork flooring that contributes to a more sustainable workplace, or modern and cost-effective concrete, there is a range of flooring types available to meet just about any need.

7 Facility Floor Types Explained

Different floors offer numerous benefits to your facility, and the choice depends on a multitude of factors such as price range, traffic level, upkeep requirements and more. Every type of flooring needs special care and targeted cleaning products to keep it looking great and protected from heavy use.

But what exactly are these floors made of? What are all those little pieces that make up a Terrazzo floor? Check out this primer on the wide variety of flooring types. We think you’ll be floored by what you’ll learn!

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