Get to the Finish — Fast Facts on a Vast Array of Flooring Finishes [SlideShare]

Whether your facility’s floors are terrazzo or tile, the key to keeping them looking great and staying in shape is all about the finish. It may not seem like an important decision, but the floor finish you choose can prevent wear and tear and keep your floors sparkling.

There are as many types of finishes as there are types of floors, and each one gives your flooring a distinctive look. Floor finishes impact the way you care for and maintain the floor, so you’ll need to carefully consider which finish is right for you.

What Are Floor Finishes Made Of?

Whether it’s a high glossy shine, a buffable wax or a product that can help level an uneven floor, we have exactly what you need to keep your feet planted firmly on the ground – or in this case, on the floor. Read on to find out what effect the different components of floor finishes will have on your floor.

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