Our Top Five Facility Maintenance Blog Posts of 2016


It’s been another great year for the HP Products blog, and once again we have our audience to thank! Posts featuring facility maintenance tips, product features, and special announcements have made for an exceptional variety of blog content. You’ve seen a wide range of subjects from dust reduction to employee satisfaction. However, there are always a few blog posts that stand out among the others each year.

Below we’ve summarized our most-viewed blog posts of 2016. We look forward to posting more educational and helpful facility maintenance articles for you in 2017!

5 Surfaces You Should Never Clean with Vinegar

Here, we’re telling you like it is – for floors’ sake. It’s a harsh reality to know that there are mistruths out there about the miraculous cleaning power of vinegar, but as your trusted friends and floor-care experts, we dropped the news with some alternative options. We’ve covered all the bases from shiny hardwood to carpet stain removal and everything in between (yes, we mean grout) to show you when vinegar is alright to use and when to steer clear.

Vinegar5 Seriously Surprising Factors to Consider When Selecting A Wet Mop

An issue to which you may not have given much previous thought, we dug up the dirty secrets of mop selection to ensure your facility floors stay clean. Some factors might surprise you. For instance, size matters and cheaper isn’t always the way to go. And while it may seem somewhat like dating – take the time to find out what mops are made of, how they’re put together, and how they could best meet the needs of your facility. These tips can lead you to the perfect match!

Wet Mop

How EnvirOx Helps Fayette Regional Health Do More With Less

Who doesn’t love a good testimonial? We do! And we also love showcasing customer success. In this post, Tammy Halpin of Fayette Regional Health shares how cleaning her floors has been made easier thanks to EnvirOx. She shares her appreciation for the versatile, deodorizing, and environmentally safe nature of the product, and its effects on various floors and surfaces within her facility.


4 Facts You Need to Know About Flammable Safety Cabinets

Fire safety is an issue that, no matter the industry, CANNOT be overlooked. So, we’re glad you’ve all tuned into this one. Here we share with you the ins and outs of flammable safety cabinets – literally. You’re briefed on color-coding, the open door policy (or should we say self-closing door policy), and regulatory compliance. When you get down to the heat of the matter, we just want to keep our beloved customers safe and informed.


Join Us in Welcoming PCS Industries to the HP Ferguson Family

Hard to believe, but it’s been nearly a year since we’ve welcomed PCS into our family! Together, HP and PCS continue to provide value to customers to set themselves apart from the competition. We understand our customers’ businesses and offer essential support services to keep their facilities operating efficiently. That’s something that we’ll never take for granted. Here’s to another year with our ever-growing family!

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