The Best Restroom Cleaners for Every Job

Bathroom Cleaning

We’re ready to answer your most pressing questions about keeping your bathrooms sparkling clean. Beyond the shining countertops and spotless toilet bowls, the biggest benefit of maintaining a sanitary restroom is the health and safety of the people who use your facility.

Thorough cleaning can help prevent the spread of germs, which is especially important during the height of cold and flu season. With a little help from us you’ll be up to your elbows in germ-free, gleaming porcelain in no time (not to mention happier and healthier patrons)! Let’s get started…


Any suggestions on how to get the inside of the toilet bowl sparkling white?

So you hate seeing a stained and dingy bowl. Trust us, you’re not alone! For all toilets, you need a cleaner with hydrochloric acid to eliminate stains and remove buildup from rust and hard water. If you’re renovating a restroom with toilets that have been sitting a while, you probably need something heavy duty, like this Germicidal Bowl Cleaner from Spartan. It can quickly and efficiently remove deposits and eradicate germs. For daily cleaning, you can select a milder product, like the Spartan SparCling Bowl Cleaner. This thicker formula clings to surfaces for more efficient cleaning… and less scrubbing!

There are some great products to clean the inside of the toilet bowl, but I always notice the buildup on the outside of the toilet. What can I use?

What you’re looking for is a one-stop shop of a cleaning product. You want something non-acid, easy to use, and multi-purpose. The best product is one that is robust enough to kill bacteria, yet mild enough to use on multiple surfaces. This Spartan NABC Restroom Cleaner can handle gunky buildup on just about any restroom surface. Plus, its signature blue foaming bubbles lets you know it’s getting the job done.


Help! My sinks are clogged. Where do I begin to unplug?

Begin by eliminating that backup and get things flowing! The easiest way to do that is with a single-dose, natural drain treatment. You want a product that can digest different types of blockages for all of your drains  (showers, floors, sinks, etc.), and is simple enough to drop and go. For ultimate ease, try the Drop-in-a-Drain packets from Spartan. The digestion process of this product turns waste into water and carbon dioxide.

Once you’re clog-free, decide if you want to use an acid or non-acid cleaner for the surface area of your sinks. If you’re leaning toward non-acid, you can use the NABC cleaner mentioned above. If you need something tougher on dirt and grime, look for a ready-to-use foaming cleanser containing phosphoric acid (never hydrochloric!). For a product that will cut through soap scum, hard water deposits and more, try Spartan’s Foamy Q & A Restroom Cleaner.

Showers and Surfaces

My facility has locker rooms with showers, and they’re always scummy and hard to clean. Any tips?

Definitely! You can try either the NABC cleaner or the Foamy Q & A on shower stalls for a single-step, ready-to-use product that’s as easy as spraying on and wiping off. If you have a significant amount of soap buildup, mold, mildew or staining, you may want to try a degreaser formulated with bleach that will cut through discoloration and soiled walls. Check out Spartan’s Chlorinated Degreaser for a concentrated version that will have your showers gleaming in no time!

Is there any way to clean mirrors without leaving streaks, smudges or buildup?

Cleaning mirrors can be maddening. You wipe down the whole surface, only to notice a scattering of fingerprints just moments later. Or you take a peek at your reflection only to find it foggy, hazy and hard to see. You don’t have to be frustrated anymore! What you need is a heavy-duty cleaner that will leave mirrors sparkling, without leaving a film. A good multi-purpose product like HP’s Gleme Glass Cleaner will leave you with all of the shine, and none of the grumbling. It can tackle fingerprints, soap spatter and buildup, and can be used on a number of other surfaces!

The walls between toilet stalls at my facility seem to collect fingerprints, dirt, and grime. What can I do?

Bathroom partitions can be made of a lot of different materials, so it’s best to use a product that will work on just about any surface. For dirty stall walls that accumulate prints, dust, and spray from the toilet, you need a product that combines a wetting and cleaning agent and is fortified with a solvent. Spartan’s Tough Duty Cleaner is a great product to eliminate buildup, and best of all, you can use it on virtually any washable surface.


I’ve got three words for you: Restroom floors. Help!!

We’ve all been there. Restroom floors can be the dirtiest, germiest surfaces you’ll find. But there’s hope! The best thing you can do to get a floor that feels really, truly clean is to use a product that will tackle the grime and grease that collects on ceramic tile, and in the grout between. I’d recommend Spartan’s Clean by Peroxy, which is effective, easy to use, and also easy on the environment, as it breaks down into simple oxygen and water.

Additional Resources

Hopefully, these tips and suggestions have helped guide you toward a shinier, healthier, sparkling clean restroom. If you have any further questions, we can put you in touch with an HP Products expert for advice on the best restroom cleaners to use. Until next time, check out our infographic below and be sure to sign up for our emails to get more helpful tips!

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