Get Sparkling Floors and Healthier, Happier Employees with Diversey Cleaners

Get Sparkling Floors and Healthier, Happier Employees with Diversey Cleaners

No one believes that any floor could be so clean you’d eat off of it. But, you can get pretty close with the right products. You won’t be serving lunch on your tile or carpeting, but you can ensure that germs, bacteria, and dirt are reduced, making your facility safer and healthier.

Diversey offers a full range of floor cleaning products to suit any surface, any traffic level, and any cleaning need. Today we are going to focus on cleaners for VCT, tile, terrazzo and carpet, and the maintenance routines to keep those surfaces protected, clean and looking great.

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Daily Cleaning

No matter how much traffic your building gets, to keep your floors in great shape and ensure a clean and healthy facility, regular mopping and cleaning need to be a part of your routine. Alpha-HP is a great multi-purpose concentrate that works on anything from vinyl to tile to carpet. It features Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide technology, which goes to work quickly on dissolving stains from daily use and cutting through the grime. It also meets Great Seal certification standards, making it a more sustainable choice.

For VCT, tile, and terrazzo, you can also use a neutral daily cleaner. Stride Citrus is a great-smelling product that is also low-foaming and doesn’t require a rinse. Just like Alpha-HP, it’s also Green Seal certified.

Monthly Maintenance

Carpeted floors trap dirt and germs within their fibers, which means they need special care and additional cleaning to look and feel their best. Diversey Extraction Cleaner is a once-a-month carpet cleaner that is safe to use on all synthetic carpets. Its unique formula is low-foaming and includes a corrosion inhibitor to protect your equipment. The biggest bonus with this product though is that it works to protect your carpets from re-soiling, keeping them cleaner, longer.

As Needed/Spot Treatment

No matter how often or how thoroughly you clean your facility’s floors, accidents happen. So do spills, muddy footprints, and a whole host of other messes that require on-the-spot cleaning. Diversey has you covered, with a product for every surface, and every mess.

If you have a heavy duty situation on your vinyl or tile flooring, try Diversey GP Forward Cleaner. Its light citrus scent is refreshing, and it can tackle the toughest messes. You can use it on all water-safe surfaces.

If there’s potential for a health hazard in your facility, you need to have Virex II 256 Disinfectant on-hand. It smells minty-fresh, but it also packs a huge cleaning punch, eliminating dangerous bacteria and disease-spreading pathogens. It’s also completely safe for your floors, meaning it won’t dull or damage the finish.

For unexpected carpet messes and stains, try the General Purpose Spotter, which is safe for all carpets and is tough on any stain — including fresh or old and dried. This solvent-based formula uses hydrogen peroxide to dissolve the mess, all while leaving minimal residue behind.

Whatever your floor care needs, Diversey has a product that can work for your facility. Contact us for more personalized recommendations for your flooring.

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