Give Your Facility’s Coffee Enthusiasts a Lift with LinCo Coffee

Give Your Facility’s Coffee Addicts a Lift with Local Brews

In 1978, Max Linneweber spent hours every day toiling away in his Indiana garage. He wasn’t tinkering around with a classic car or honing his handyman skills. Rather, Max was striving to brew the perfect cup of coffee. Rich, dark, flavorful, and appealing to a wide array of java-drinkers, he finally created a blend that met his high standards. But instead of opening a cafe or dishing up single-serve cups, Max had a much bigger vision for his business known as LinCo Coffee Services.

Fast forward to today, and LinCo Coffee has become one of the largest wholesale coffee providers to the Midwest region. The product line has expanded significantly since that single perfect cup Max brewed in his garage, and now includes a variety of flavors and strengths to please any palate. LinCo brand coffee is available exclusively from HP Products, and we’re sure you can find exactly what you need to satisfy any coffee connoisseur’s craving.

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Mild Blends

For those all-day coffee drinkers who can’t make it through the afternoon slump without a cup or two, a milder blend is easier on the digestive system, and is a pleasant pick-me-up, without the unpleasant crash. LinCo’s Premium Blend is made from 100% Arabica beans and features a light, delicate flavor. For a deeper flavor profile, try the Colombian Blend, which offers a more robust aroma, without a heavy or bitter taste.

And if you’re looking for a coffee that’s a real people-pleaser, we recommend going with the original Founder’s Blend. We call it the “Goldilocks combination” because it’s not too strong and not too light — it’s just right!

Medium Blends

For those who want stronger flavor notes and more punch with their coffee, try one of LinCo’s medium blends. Founder’s Choice is a great option for those who love a deeper flavor, without all the acidity of a stronger blend. With beans carefully selected for low acid content and excellent flavor, this blend is good for the stomach, and for the soul.

And if it’s flavor you want without the negative side effects of all that caffeine, LinCo’s Decaf Blend is a great option. It’s smooth and robust, and the water processing caffeine removal ensures you can drink all day and sleep all night.

Strong Blends

Especially delicious in the early morning, the Metro Dark Roast is exactly what you need to start the day off right and gather your energy for whatever’s ahead. Supply the dark, bittersweet flavor and richness of this delicious blend, for the serious coffee drinkers in your office.

Sweet Stuff

Do the workers in your facility get those afternoon sweet tooth cravings? We’ve got the perfect solution: a selection of LinCo Cappuccinos in a variety of deliciously tempting flavors, including white chocolate caramel, English toffee and much more. Frothy, creamy, and not-too-sweet, LinCo cappuccinos are a perfect morning or afternoon treat.

True Brew

LinCo Coffee blends are available in a variety of formats, including ground coffee, whole bean, and filter pouches. You’re sure to find the style that works in your break room, and with your equipment.

Need help to select the perfect blend or blends for your facility? Let’s have a cup and chat! Contact us for help in choosing an Indiana classic your facility’s employees are sure to appreciate.

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