Simple Cleaning for Simply Beautiful Floors with Spartan

Simple Cleaning for Simply Beautiful Floors with Spartan

There’s a floor for every foot… and a lot of feet on every floor! If you work in a high-traffic facility, you know that it doesn’t take long for floors to start to show wear. Anything from wet weather to ice melt can leave floors dirty, dull, and even dangerous.

Fortunately, our partners at Spartan have a wide array of products that can tackle any mess, on any flooring surface. These products not only work hard to leave floors clean and free from germs and bacteria, they also extend the life of your flooring by helping it look great and hold up to any usage.

These are our top recommended products from Spartan for VCT, tile, terrazzo and carpet to incorporate into your regular floor care routine.

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Daily Cleaning

Regular maintenance helps floors last longer, keep them in great shape, and look fresh and clean. Especially during times of heavy foot traffic, daily cleaning is a must. Clean by Peroxy will get you through periods of bad weather, as it works on a variety of surfaces to tackle ice melt residue, which can be brutal on your floors. The all-purpose cleaner is approved for VCT, tile, terrazzo and carpet, and it’s Green Seal Certified.

If you have a glossy tile or vinyl floor and want to maintain that shine, try the Damp Mop Neutral Cleaner. It won’t dull or streak your floors, and it’s safe for nearly any surface. Plus, you don’t need to rinse, so it’s a one-step job that makes a significant impact on your floors.

Monthly Maintenance

It’s important to incorporate a thorough monthly cleaning into your routine. Carpets can collect some pretty unpleasant particles, from dirt and debris to grease and oil. Without regular deep-cleaning maintenance, carpets can become a breeding ground for bacteria and odors. Spartan Xtraction II carpet cleaner is an excellent choice for routine upkeep. It works with hot or cold extractors, and won’t leave behind foam or sticky residue that can cause re-soiling.

Spot Cleaning

Be prepared for unexpected messes. Spills and accidents happen, and it pays to be ready. For staining that pops up in your heavily trafficked areas, use Shineline Multi-Surface Cleaner on VCT, tile and terrazzo. This product can handle heavy soiling and stains — even those that seem to be ground in from constant usage.

If an accident leaves you with a potentially hazardous substance on your floor (blood, saliva, etc.), you need a strong disinfectant that can handle the mess and kill viruses. Super HDQ Neutral Disinfectant does just that — it prevents the spread of viruses like MRSA or HIV but leaves your floor’s finish unharmed and shining.

Finally, carpeted floors require their unique products to treat tough stains. Spartan has answered this need with the Contempo Deluxe Spotting Kit — an entire toolbox devoted to blasting through any carpet stain imaginable. This ready-for-anything kit contains solutions customized for everything from coffee, paint, and oil to rust, pets and foul odors.

If you need help customizing the floor care plan that’s right for your facility, we’re happy to help. We’ll find a way to help you keep your floors in shape for years to come!

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