How to Prepare for a Healthier and More Sustainable School Year

HOW TO PREPARE FOR A HEALTHIER AND MORE SUSTAINABLE SCHOOL YEARIllness is responsible for more than 164 million lost school days per year. That’s a staggering statistic, and one that doesn’t account for the lack of productivity staff and students experience when they do come to school under the weather. Germs are all around us, but there are myriad ways to keep a school cleanly.

Paper can account for 47% of a school’s waste stream, but there’s good news for environmentally conscious educators. There are now more eco-friendly paper products available than ever, so maintaining a healthy learning environment doesn’t mean sacrificing sustainability.

Here are some topics to consider as you move into your school’s healthiest, most sustainable year yet.

Avoid Cross-Contamination 


Cross-contamination is a real concern when hundreds of students and faculty share so much space in your school. Desks, keyboards, and bathrooms can harbor germs from many sources throughout the day, so having plenty of surface disinfectant to kill 99.9% of those germs can make a real difference in keeping everyone healthy.

Get Professional

For a heavier-duty option, professional electrostatic sprayers are a cost-effective and efficient way to help reduce pathogens in your facilities. They can access hard-to-reach places to fully disinfect all the nooks and crannies of a room, and work four times faster than cleaning manually.

Hand Sanitizers

Another way to reduce germs is to stock up on alcohol-based hand sanitizers. They can help prevent trips to the bathroom, cutting down on lost time and helping students stay up to pace with their curriculum. Having hand sanitizer readily available is a great move toward a more health-conscious lifestyle, and can serve as a simple reminder that the best thing we can do to create a healthier school is to take better care of ourselves.

Go Touchless

Find ways to eliminate the need to touch surfaces to cut down on the transfer of germs. Touchless bathroom solutions like automated paper towel dispensers help prevent cross-contamination so fewer germs are brought into the classroom. The paper towels themselves also provide a much more thorough removal of contaminants from the hands than air dryers. As far as paper waste, there are plenty of sustainable solutions to help ease your concerns.

Seek Sustainable Solutions 

Paper Towels

Trash bags stuffed with paper towels are simply part of operating a school, but that doesn’t have to negatively affect the environment. Sustainable paper towel options can reduce your carbon footprint and keep germs in the waste basket where they belong. You could even consider starting a composting program at your school to reduce your landfill contribution – did you know that all Kimberly-Clark paper towels are compostable?

Take Care


The way we live our lives can have a profound impact on our body’s ability to fight germs. Your immune system weakens when you don’t take good care of yourself, and even small mistakes like not drinking enough water can open you up to illness. Bottle fillers promote wellness by keeping students properly hydrated, which is key for maintaining everyday cognitive functioning. It also reduces your school’s amount of plastic bottle waste.

Combat Viruses

Being aware of our used tissues is another way to promote the path to recovery. We all reach for tissues when we’re feeling under the weather, but not all of them are created equal. Germs from used tissues can creep back onto desks if not disposed of immediately, and can still harbor active viruses several days after contact. Anti-viral tissues kill those germs before they have a chance to spread.

A healthier school in the coming school year is possible without sacrificing sustainability. By eliminating the ability for germs to spread throughout the facility, classrooms become a more productive place for learning, and one student’s illness doesn’t mean sick days for their classmates.
Every school can become an environment where students and staff make conscious decisions to keep themselves productive and in better health. Contact us for these and more solutions to help achieve your healthiest and most productive school year yet.

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