Color Coded Cleaning for Your Facility


Color coded cleaning is a great way to organize and optimize your cleaning process. Colors are assigned to different areas within a facility to make sure each cleaning task follows a specific process and uses unique tools for the job.


Color coded cleaning can help keep germs in check no matter what type of facility employs it. It is a natural choice for buildings especially concerned with cross-contamination, such as hospitals and long-term care facilities where patient health is at stake.

Cleaning service contractors often use color coded cleaning to streamline their efforts and adhere to client standards. Changing colors as they move from room to room is a visible sign that crews are cleaning effectively.


Color coded cleaning carries several benefits to facilities of all varieties.

  • Reduces cross-contamination. By designating areas with different colors, the risk of spreading germs from high-contamination areas into the rest of the facility is greatly lowered. For example, red materials are used in red areas and nowhere else.
  • Prevents mixing of chemicals. When proper procedures are key, color coded cleaning ensures the cleaning staff has clear, easy-to-follow directions to prevent unsuitable chemicals from being combined.
  • Assists with resource allocations. Color coded cleaning identifies the right product for the task. As such, management of resources becomes a simple matter of ensuring each cleaning area has its properly colored materials.
  • Helps with budgeting. By separating materials into specific areas for usage, it becomes transparent what area of your facility is in need of the most attention from cleaning staff. This knowledge can be applied to better allocate budget toward problem areas.
  • Facilitates communication. When language barriers are present, color-coded cleaning materials can serve as a visual communication device. Color coded cleaning is not a replacement for training; rather, it enhances the training you already employ.


  • Blue: General Purpose Cleaning
    • Blue is for common areas that don’t require intensive cleaning. Offices and other shared spaces are good candidates for this category.
    • Ex. mirrors, windows, desks
  • Green: Food Prep Areas
    • Green is the color for food handling areas. Cafeterias are an obvious choice, but anywhere people eat or prepare their food should also be considered.
    • Ex. kitchen counters, break room
  • Yellow:  Low-Risk Areas
    • Yellow is for areas that frequently need cleaning above the Blue general purpose category. Spills in these low-risk areas can be isolated from the rest of the facility.
    • Ex. bathroom sinks, warehouses
  • Red: High-Risk Areas
    • Red is for areas where serious contamination can occur that would be at risk for infecting other areas if not contained. Sensitive areas in the bathroom should be the only items in this category.
    • Ex. toilets, urinals

Color Coded Cleaning by Room


Facilities can get started with color coded cleaning with the following Rubbermaid Commercial items:

    • The Maximizer™ Mop’s unique design delivers industry-leading mop spread, allowing it to provide 30% more floor coverage at 25% less weight.
    • Maximizer Mops are durable enough to withstand hard-to-clean areas like Red and Yellow.
  • Invader® Side Gate Wet Mop Handle
    • Invader® Wet Mop Handles make removing and replacing mop heads easy and efficient.
    • Red and Yellow areas can really take a toll on mops; Invader Mop Handles make swapping worn-out mops for new ones quick and simple.
  • WaveBreak® 35 Qt High-Performance Mopping Systems
    • The WaveBreak® mop bucket and wringer system reduce splashing, which means a safer environment, cleaner floors, and improved productivity.
    • With 40% less splashing, WaveBreak’s mop system means reduced risk of slipping in areas with heavy foot traffic like Green.
  • Light Commercial Microfiber Cloths
    • Microfiber cloths are a great multi-purpose cleaning tool for wiping down computer screens, mirrors, windows and many other surfaces.
    • By removing 99.9% of microbes, they make populated Blue areas a healthier place to spend time.

Color Coded Cleaning Brochure

View the Color Coded Cleaning Brochure

Whether you simply want to designate a single area with a color or implement the system across your entire facility, color-coded cleaning can pave the way for a more efficient and healthy cleaning regimen. Contact us to learn more about the products listed above, and to get started with color coded cleaning today.

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