Hotel Safety Tips to Protect Guests and Staff

Millions of Americans will rely on hotels this holiday season as they travel toward their loved ones. As the manager of a hotel, it is your duty to create a safe environment to protect your guests and staff in the case of an emergency. Here are some safety considerations for hotels of various sizes that are applicable year-round:

Make First Aid Accessible

Injuries can happen in even the most prepared facilities. Keep first aid on hand so they can be addressed in a timely fashion.

  1. Serious physical injury can occur in workout areas, like your on-site gym and swimming pool. Provide your staff with first-responder training, and keep automated external defibrillators (AEDs) in these areas – they can help save a life.
  2. Guests may require over-the-counter medicines during their stay. Stock up and sell them by the 2-pack at the front desk, and consider installing a medicine vending machine that guests can use discreetly. Keep a first aid cabinet for staff and guests alike in the event of a physical injury.
  3. Your pool will be using chemicals to ensure the water is safe for guests. In the areas where the chemicals are used and stored, an eyewash station should be located.

Provide Proper Staff Attire

Reduce the risk of work-related injury by providing your staff with the necessary attire for the job.

  1. Maintenance staff work with potentially dangerous electrical equipment on a regular basis. Equip them with arc flash gloves and clothing to safeguard them against electrical boxes and charged areas.
  2. Staff that handles food may be exposed to extremely hot appliances in the kitchen and restaurant area, so oven mitts and aprons should be available. Hair nets and disposable gloves should always be worn to ensure food safety, as well.
  3. Your environmental cleaning staff may handle sensitive chemicals in the laundry area. Supply them with disposable gloves, aprons, goggles and an eyewash station.

Deploy Safety Communications

Signage and training are vital to ensure guests and staff alike know procedures in the event of an emergency.

  1. Install proper signage in your parking lot, such as handicap, speed limit and stop signs. There are many models that won’t fade in the sun, and from which it’s easy to remove graffiti.
  2. In the event of a fire, it’s vital that guests understand the quickest path out of the building. Interior signs should clearly communicate exit routes on every floor.
  3. Employ a lockout-tagout system for staff. The system can help prevent potentially dangerous situations by ensuring hazardous equipment is handled only by trained staff and in a safe manner.
  4. Proper staff training can go a long way toward avoiding injury when working with chemicals. Provide SDS books and posters to supplement training.
  5. Install convex mirrors in high-traffic areas like elevators and receiving docks. These will allow individuals carrying heavy luggage or supplies to see around corners and avoid collisions.

Remember Safety Maintenance

Having safety equipment on hand is only half of the equation. Make sure you check in regularly to ensure items are in proper working condition.

  1. It takes a wide array of tools to keep your hotel properly maintained. Welding hoods, safety glasses, hearing protection and work gloves are only a handful of the supplies you should keep on hand.
  2. Every door with a swipe card contains a battery. Make sure it gets changed yearly to ensure it functions properly.
  3. Depending on the size of your hotel, your staff may need ladders to adequately service the facility. Inspect and replace ladders regularly if they show signs of wear and tear, and make sure you provide training and equipment to protect against falls.
  4. Flashlights that use batteries are of no help if their batteries are dead, or worse, if you’ve run out of batteries completely. Consider replacing them with rechargeable flashlights that are always ready to use.
  5. Guests and staff who smoke should have designated areas around entrances. The proper disposal of cigarette butts can prevent unnecessary fires.

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