Optimize Your Cleaning Program in 2018

There’s a lot that rides on your ability to efficiently clean your facility. Time, money and safety are just some of the concerns that come to mind, and finding ways to optimize your cleaning regimen can go a long way toward improving each of those factors. New janitorial products are introduced to the market all the time. Below, we’re sharing ways you can look to boost your cleaning program, and the products we think can help you make it happen.


Is there opportunity to consolidate your cleaning chemicals with multi-use products? Your facility’s cleaning routine can be cumbersome when you have to cart around a dozen different cans and bottles, each with their individual purpose. If you make the switch to products that can handle a variety of applications, not only do you help consolidate your inventory, but you can simplify your cleaning program and may also lower costs.

Product Spotlight

No matter where you need to clean, Spartan Chemical has products that fit the bill. Spartan’s Xcelente multi-purpose cleaner can tackle a variety of jobs across your facility. It is formulated to work on a variety of hard surfaces including glass without streaking, while leaving behind a pleasant lavender fragrance. Clean by Peroxy wipes are a versatile tool to wipe down your entire facility. Like many other cleaning wipes they can be used to wipe down hard surfaces, but they go a step further by working on carpets and fabrics, as well. They’re quick and easy to use, and are free of alcohol and bleach.

If you need to go beyond cleaning, Green Klean tablets disinfect and sanitize, too. Their tablet form eliminates the hazards of storing and handling liquid bleach and disinfectants. Less liquid also means fewer spills to worry about, and a lighter load to carry.


Where there are people, there is dust. Dust can prove challenging in your fight to keep your facility clean. It covers every flat surface it can find, and unfortunately a lot of those surfaces are out of arm’s reach. If you’re regularly cleaning dust off of high walls or fixtures hanging from tall ceilings, it’s time to put away the ladder and invest in your safety.

Other safety concerns that facilities regularly face are spills. From puddles in your entryway to an errant pot of coffee in the breakroom, spills on the floor should be cleaned up quickly to reduce the risk of slips and falls.

Product Spotlight

The first thing you’ll notice about the SpaceVac is that it’s long – really long. That means it can reach the highest of surfaces (up to 35 feet!) without the need for a ladder, so you’ll spend less time standing at unsafe heights and also less time getting the job done. It also helps to eliminate necessary strain on workers just like these hands-free trash cans. The step-on container by Rubbermaid is an ergonomic trash receptacle that’s comfortable to push and pull. The lid also automatically closes after each use, so pesky odors are kept in check.

These new spill mop pads from Rubbermaid go beyond what traditional mop heads offer. Their highly absorbent design lets them hold up to 32 ounces of water with a single pad, and you won’t have to worry about dripping. That’s because they’re able to turn liquid into gel, meaning easy and safe disposal of spills.


One of the biggest elephants in the room is the one you can’t see. Bad smells can seriously inhibit any working environment, and air fresheners can’t cut it when they just try to mask the scent for a few hours.

Product Spotlight

Clorox’s Odor Defense Air and Fabric Spray captures offending molecules and stops odors at their source. That means you’re not just making your facility smell better, but improving the indoor air quality while you’re at it. In a study, 79% of cleaning professionals said that air odor elimination is their toughest job. This product confronts the odor challenge for them by removing recurring odors from the air so they can focus on other cleaning tasks at hand.

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