No Iron Needed: Tips to Reduce Table Linen Wrinkles

Many facilities rely on table linen to portray an image to their guests. Restaurants, senior living facilities and many others use table linen to set the atmosphere, whether it’s upscale, homey or anywhere in between, and unsightly wrinkles are a detriment to that ambiance. Luckily, a few changes in the way you process table linens can help reduce wrinkles and make a more presentable environment, all without using an iron.

Laundry Tips to Reduce Table Linen Wrinkles

1. Load the Washer

While normal linen should be loaded at 90-95% capacity depending on the type, the washer should be less full when dealing with table linen. Load the washer to about 75-80% capacity to avoid wrinkling your table linen.

2. Wash Cycle

Wash cycles should be formulated to cool the linen gradually before the final rinse. Your laundry machine should be programmed to lower the washing temperature around 20-30 degrees per cycle step to avoid shocking the linen fibers.

3. Final Rinse

Avoid cold final rinsing — temperatures should be 90-100 degrees. Dryers typically operate between 140-190F, and the extreme temperature change from rinsing to drying cause excessive wear on the linen.

4. Extract Cycle

Set a short extract cycle, no more than 3 minutes. Long extract times are unnecessary, as table linen holds very little moisture.

5. Remove From Washer

Remove your table linen as soon as the washer stops. Allowing linen to sit in the drum tends to cause wrinkles.

6. Set the Dryer

Since table linen holds very little moisture, it dries quickly. The amount of time necessary depends on the outside temperature and moisture.

7. Remove From Dryer

Like the washer, remove the table linen immediately so it doesn’t wrinkle.

8. Hang the Linen

Hanging the linen on a rack allows the linen to relax and removes any wrinkles.

9. Fold and Store

If the linen isn’t immediately being put to use, proper storage is crucial to avoiding the wrinkles you tried to so hard to prevent. Tip: fold a circular linen into a square by first folding it in half, then bringing the rounded edge to meet the middle of the flat edge. Fold in half lengthwise, then finally fold into thirds for your perfect square that’s easy to store.

Creating the atmosphere you want for your guests can be as simple as following proper washing procedures. An accurate chemical and maintenance program promises high efficiency in your laundry regimen, and tidy results for the presentation of your facility.

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