Total Facility Care

Ferguson Facilities Supply provides maintenance, repair and operations (MRO) products and solutions to facilities management professionals across the U.S. Our customers can count on industry-leading fill rates and consistent and timely delivery. Our Facilities Supply Solution Center gives our customers a single point of contact for their product and delivery needs, and our website allows our customers to view inventory, get quotes, place orders and manage their accounts 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Ferguson’s deep and long-standing relationships with top manufacturers ensure that our customers benefit from quick access to a wide range of high-quality products along with extensive support and consultation from our nationwide network of highly-trained and qualified associates.

Building Ferguson Facilities Supply

Learn about companies that were acquired by Ferguson to form Ferguson Facilities Supply and see how our partnerships help us to better serve our customers.

HP Products

Ferguson Enterprises acquired HP Products in 2014, bringing tremendous opportunity to the Facilities Supply business. HP Products’ associate product knowledge in janitorial, packaging, safety, equipment, food & beverage, laundry and textiles products and services delivered significant business value.. HP Products later began operating as Ferguson Facilities Supply, HP Products Division before becoming one entity, Ferguson Facilities Supply.

Matera Paper Company

Two years later in 2016, Ferguson Enterprises acquired Matera Paper Company. This was a strategic business decision that further strengthened our Facilities Supply distribution and service capabilities that we could provide to our customers. Matera transitioned to operate as Ferguson Facilities Supply, Matera Division before transitioning completely to the Ferguson Facilities Supply brand.

Today, Ferguson Facility Supply’s sourcing capabilities and partnerships with leading vendors allows us to provide customers with a customized approach to their product needs.

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