Winter Safety: Protect Your Workforce

With the official start of the winter season almost here, we need to think about protecting our workers from severe cold and exposure hazards. During the winter, exposed skin rapidly becomes stressed from the temperature and the drying … [Read more...]

What You Can Do to Lessen the Impact of Rising Freight Costs

I've been watching the distribution business for many years, and there is a bit of a storm brewing in the transportation industry right now which will affect each and every one of us. As a nation, we move our goods by truck. It can be said … [Read more...]

Winter is Finally Over – Time to Deep Clean Floors For Spring

What a winter season it was here in the Midwest! The amount of damage to our facilities has been severe. Hard floors, carpets, and especially our matting systems, have taken abuse above and beyond the call of duty. With temperatures finally … [Read more...]

Rental Matting – A Very Expensive Convenience

I travel a lot, and often find myself in airports, commercial offices, schools, universities, and all manner of public buildings. The front lobby or entranceway is probably the most important, yet oftentimes, the most overlooked area of … [Read more...]

Image Makes a Lasting Impression with Rubbermaid’s Executive Series

I travel a lot, and frequently find myself in all different types of locations and facilities. Some are very upscale commercial office buildings, some are lodging or vacation sites, and many are corporate headquarters, buildings or … [Read more...]