Need Packaging Expertise to Streamline Your Operations?

It’s hard to believe it has been a year since we welcomed Ship-Pac into the HP/Ferguson family. With their additional inventory and expertise, we now offer an all-encompassing array of industrial, commercial, and food packaging supplies, as … [Read more...]

$1 per 650 Sq Feet: Custodial Cost Saving Strategies at Plainfield Schools

Plainfield Community School Corporation, just southwest of Indianapolis, IN, has been a partner of HP Products since 2007. In that time, the district has added an additional 450,000 square foot high school while only increasing custodial … [Read more...]

OSHA Updates to the Hazard Communication Standard 2012

Are you aware that OSHA loosened its policy that relates to transitioning to the Hazard Communication Standard 2012 (HCS 2012)? The GHS transition timeline states that by June 1, 2015, chemical manufacturers and distributors should have had … [Read more...]

Help New Hires Hit the Ground Running – Why Job Shadowing is a Must

Choosing the right candidate is only half of the challenge that employers are faced with when hiring new employees. The other half is properly onboarding the new hire in a way that will help them “hit the ground running” and ensure a … [Read more...]

School Custodians Go Above and Beyond The Call of Duty

School custodians play a big role in keeping students healthy - from vacuuming carpets in classrooms to disinfecting toilets in restrooms. While all custodians battle dust bunnies and germs, many go above and beyond their roles of … [Read more...]