How to Become a Hidden Cost Hero

Hidden costs are everywhere. Have you done an audit on your facility recently? If you dig deep into your facility’s daily routines, more often than not, you’ll find outdated and inefficient processes or established procedures that are not … [Read more...]

7 “HP” Products We’re Thankful For

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Lambert-St. Louis Airport Strengthens Green Initiatives With “Revolutionary” Trash Bags

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Kill Over 99.99% of Residual Bacteria on Hands to Help Reduce the Spread of H1N1

This year’s cold and flu season brings new levels of concern as H1N1 hits epidemic levels across the United States, with younger people (ages 18-49) being especially susceptible to this strain of the flu virus. With nearly 80% of all … [Read more...]

On-Demand Bubble Wrap System Streamlines Ordering Efficiencies

Although there’s nothing like a good session of popping bubble wrap bubbles to relieve stress, finding a place to store those hay bale-sized rolls of bubble wrap can cause major headaches for some manufacturing facilities. Kremers Urban … [Read more...]