Hotel Safety Tips to Protect Guests and Staff

Millions of Americans will rely on hotels this holiday season as they travel toward their loved ones. As the manager of a hotel, it is your duty to create a safe environment to protect your guests and staff in the case of an emergency. Here … [Read more...]

Battery & Electronics Recycling for Earth Month

Businesses continue to look for more ways to integrate sustainability practices in every aspect of operations. With April being Earth Month, we caught up with our electronics recycling partner, Veolia, to learn more about why businesses … [Read more...]

Battery Basics [Infographic]

On National Battery Day, we look to understand the power of batteries and how to instill their proper care and recycling for all facilities. We use batteries everywhere, everyday. But how much do you really know about battery safety? Get … [Read more...]

Daylight Saving: A Reminder To Check Your Smoke Alarm Batteries

This Sunday is daylight saving time (DST). Around the world people will “spring” their clocks forward one hour for the purpose of getting better use of daylight (however, they may not “spring” out of bed in the morning when they lose an … [Read more...]