How to Prepare for a Healthier and More Sustainable School Year

Illness is responsible for more than 164 million lost school days per year. That’s a staggering statistic, and one that doesn’t account for the lack of productivity staff and students experience when they do come to school under the … [Read more...]

Best Practices for Paper Placement in Non-Acute Healthcare Facilities

For anyone who works in the healthcare industry, you know that cleanliness is next to, well… healthiness. By making paper products readily available to both patients, physicians and staff, it can help keep them well and reduce or … [Read more...]

Out To Control Paper Use and Costs? Start With The Right Dispenser.

Today’s guest blog post is presented by Kimberly-Clark Professional*, a preferred supplier for Ferguson Facilities Supply. Chalk it up to human nature: people tend to go a little overboard when they're provided with things they're not … [Read more...]