Our Top Five Facility Maintenance Blog Posts of 2016

It’s been another great year for the HP Products blog, and once again we have our audience to thank! Posts featuring facility maintenance tips, product features, and special announcements have made for an exceptional variety of blog … [Read more...]

4 Facts You Need to Know About Flammable Safety Cabinets

“We didn’t start the fire” might be just a catchy line from a song. But it could also be your mantra if you work in an industry that utilizes flammable or combustible liquids. Whether you use these products for cleaning, maintenance or … [Read more...]

Be Prepared for Industrial Spills at Your Facility

Don’t cry over spilled milk…or industrial spills at your workplace. But do have a response plan. Getting distraught about a spill at your facility won’t help change what already happened. Instead of feeling distressed, have a response plan … [Read more...]