5 Seriously Surprising Factors to Consider When Selecting a Wet Mop

When you “mop the floor” with someone, it generally means you come out victorious. However, when it comes to actually mopping a floor, victory (i.e. a clean, sparkling, safe floor) can be fleeting and elusive. Many people might think a mop … [Read more...]

How to Become a Hidden Cost Hero

Hidden costs are everywhere. Have you done an audit on your facility recently? If you dig deep into your facility’s daily routines, more often than not, you’ll find outdated and inefficient processes or established procedures that are not … [Read more...]

Uncovering Hidden Costs – A Case Study in Trash Can Liners

You probably don't wake up in the morning wondering about the annual trash can liner spend for your facility. Throw the garbage in, take out the trash, hope that it makes it to the final destination without breaking, and wash your hands of … [Read more...]