Employers Must Hear OSHA on Hearing Conservation Programs

Temporary hearing loss occurs every day, but our bodies rejuvenate hearing after rest and no exposure to noise. However, for those exposed to loud noises throughout the workday, the risk for long-term, noise-induced hearing loss increases. … [Read more...]

Prevent Forklift Injuries with These Safety Guidelines

Today's guest blog post comes from the experts within our Safety Division. Powered Industrial Vehicles (PIVs), such as forklifts, are great tools that help us move products and materials from one area to another within our workplace … [Read more...]

Why You Should Consider Adding Logos to Your Safety Clothing

With spring around the corner (it can’t come soon enough!), it is a great time to think about outdoor safety protective clothing. Spring is synonymous with rain and construction season – two great reasons to gear up. The right safety … [Read more...]