Eyewash in the Workplace: What You Need to Know

When it comes to workplace safety, preparation comes first. An action plan and first aid supplies within reach will prove invaluable in an emergency or minor incident. But remember, there’s more to a first-aid kit than bandages, gauze pads … [Read more...]

Get Better Results and Spend Less Money with Dilution Control Systems

“Dilution control can be an underutilized system of cleaning,” says Dale McGinty, HP Products Industry Expert. “Often times, cleaning associates believe using more of a chemical during application provides a better result. In reality, … [Read more...]

Workplace Electrical Safety Tips [SlideShare]

Whether at home or in the office, only skilled electricians should work hands-on with power supplies. It still remains best practice for electricians to brush up on their safety precautions and for everyone else to know what to do, or not … [Read more...]

The Importance of First-Aid Preparedness in the Workplace

No matter how small a cut or scratch, ache or pain, the effects on business can be very real. Workers are less likely to perform at their best or operate at peak productivity if they are in pain or in need of first-aid. In fact, the … [Read more...]

Employers Must Hear OSHA on Hearing Conservation Programs

Temporary hearing loss occurs every day, but our bodies rejuvenate hearing after rest and no exposure to noise. However, for those exposed to loud noises throughout the workday, the risk for long-term, noise-induced hearing loss increases. … [Read more...]